Welcome to my page!

I’m CHONG Poh Kit (张保结) and I’ll be mostly writing about technical stuff and various books here.


I’m currently an Staff Software Engineer at Infoblox.

I was an Assistant Professor at UTAR in the Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science prior to this.

Some of the areas that I’ve worked on or am working on are network function virtualisation, software defined networking, wireless network protocol development and simulation, embedded systems programming, parallel processing on GPUs and FPGAs for Big Data, and collaborative systems (i.e. smart devices and apps). I’m more of a hands-on person, but also have interest in theoretical works. The underlying theme of my research is generalising and optimising real-world issues, and to engineer a structured framework on using the solutions to study, understand, and improve humanity. Get in touch with me if you have interest in these areas or have ideas to propose.

Some of my data have not been migrated from my old site. You can find them below: